I understand that marketing is not always on the forefront of your mind while working on your craft. Please answers to some FAQ's below and feel free to reach out using the contact form if you have questions of your own. 

Why should I pay someone for product photos when I can take my own?

Save time and avoid stress by focusing on your craft! Products are shown in their best light when professional camera equipment and studio lighting are used in combination with editing software by an experienced photographer. High quality images are influential in converting shoppers into customers! You may have a great product, but the photos will need to capture key elements properly in order to stand out to shoppers in the expansive grid that appears on ecommerce platforms.

How will FEATURE Product Photography collaborate with me to get the most from my investment?

  • We will discuss colors you may use for marketing so the photos will fit with your brand. This will be implemented when choosing potential props or backdrops used in the images.
  • We will discuss styling and a preferred look for your photos. Feel free to share examples of photos you have seen online that you admire. This will help focus in on your preferences and style choices.
  • We will discuss cost and how to feature your work in a way that fits your budget.

How can I use my product photos to increase customer conversions?

  • Short answer: By using photos for your ecommerce shop and across social media platforms to promote your ecommerce site. CAUTION: It is best to add text and/or frames when using in social media so the images are not duplicated, as this can potentially harm your SEO (search engine optimization).
  • Best answer: The best way to explain is to share how FEATURE Product Photography helped RetroTrek multiply ecommerce customer conversions by 5. RetroTrek is a local Tucson company which sells Tucson inspired artwork and gifts. Their work is locally designed and almost all of their inventory is locally produced. More information about their production partners can be seen at They have had their own website for several years but the product images used previously were computer generated rather than photos of the finished products. RetroTrek decided to open an Etsy shop to expand their market and photos of the actual products were required. FEATURE photographed their entire inventory and 6 months later their sales on Etsy have multiplied by 5. As a result, Etsy regularly runs offsite ads of their products to promote their shop. At the time of this article, their customer conversion rate for the past 30 days is at 5.4%! For reference, 2% is good so 5% is excellent! This inspired RetroTrek to revamp their website and they have seen an increase in sales there as well. They now implement their product photos across social media to get the most out of their investment and FEATURE continues to photograph each new product they add to their inventory.

Why should I have photos with a white background?

Some marketplace platforms require a white background. However, the truth is that your product is the main focus in this type of photo so it is the best option for ecommerce.

What types of product photos do you offer and what is the benefit of each?

  • White background - Required by some platforms, best way to feature your product.
  • Detail - Show customers what makes your product special in close-up shots of your products which emphasize detailed areas, texture, quality and/or construction.
  • Group - Products grouped together can demonstrate your style and may encourage shoppers to click around in your shop to see more of your listings.
  • Scale - Depict your product with other common objects to give a sense of scale without having to read the product description.
  • Lifestyle - While we are not currently shooting photos with models, your products can still be shown in use by showing them in an environment which they will be used. For instance, a print can be displayed on the wall of a home or a scarf can be depicted next to other accessories.

Do I have to ship my items?

  • If you are located in Tucson, I can pick up your products to avoid shipping costs.
  • While a studio shoot is recommended, you can avoid shipping your work by taking your own well-lit photos and submitting the files to us via Your photos can be fine tuned to improve the image quality.